Start with something simple, then on your next build try something a bit more complex. You’re bound to come up with ideas from this. How to Enable Rename the Go-Kart ride to “bollard” How to Use A Go-Kart can be controlled using WASD and shift for the horn. If you create something you love it's easy to add it into your main game by saving it as a blueprint and transfering it over. In an effort to make the game more user friendly there are three tools that you have to make things easier. Be sure to check out all of my other Planet Coaster coverage here. Leave your thoughts or any tips you think I may have missed down in the comment section below. Let’s face it… More than half the fun of playing Planet Coaster is building and letting your creativity flow, but for some people building the crazy stuff you see all over the Steam Workshop seems next to impossible. Now stop reading this and go fire up Planet Coaster and start creating! If you create something you love it's easy to add it into your main game by saving it as a blueprint and transfering it over. Selecting The Right Planet Coaster 1080p Motherboard and CPU. So you can analyze how these complex structures have been realized. However, despite the additions Planet Coaster still has somewhat of a steep learning curve. Guest thoughts are the most valuable thing in game. Using Google images to come up with ideas takes away a lot of stress. We have everything you need to get started on Planet Coaster Console including hints, tips and more in this beginners guide to the theme park sim. Staff training can seem like a waste of money but it really isn't. Certain tasks will need more attention than others. It's weird that it doesn't have in game options though. More than 1G of force makes you feel heavier than usual. Tips and Tricks for Building. You need to balance building with good management in order to keep the money flowing in. What are you waiting for? You can also sink things into the ground so you can only see certain parts of things. The Ride of Your Life achievement in Planet Coaster: Created a coaster at least 2500m in length - worth 50 Gamerscore. The terrain tool in Planet Coaster does a good job of doing most of the hard work itself. However, if you still struggle with navigation the game also has keyboard and mouse support, giving you an experience more in-line with the PC version. For instance, choosing to focus on family-friendly rides means you can advertise in parenting magazines and hit the exact market you want. For example, you can take a tall tree like a Poplar tree and sink it down in the ground so only the tip shows. Building your own roller coaster can be expensive, especially when you keep changing stuff or adding to it, so it’s best to create your coasters in Sandbox Mode. Me personally, I like using them to add a splash of color to the walls like wallpaper by “painting” a stripe on the wall with them and to get angles on buildings. They'll also be happier to pay a little more since the overall experience is more enjoyable. This is going to sound confusing, but try to stay with me. You'll also notice some levels that were later additions to the PC version, as well as the Frontier Workshop, the studio's very own system for sharing and downloading player creations. Also, when you do the landscaping don’t forget about setting up lighting for your newly created building. We recommend that you simply try out different features in Sandbox mode. A good way to maximize income is to slowly increase ride and entry prices until guests complain, then knock them back down a little. Scenery is something that often gets overlooked but it's hugely important. Coasters bring in customers so make sure you always add one. If you prefer to build yourself head over to sandbox mode. To help you out we've put together this beginner's guide of everything you need to know to get started in Planet Coaster Console. The only limit with doing these advanced techniques are your imagination. Well, with these pro tips I’m going to share with you guys you’ll be master builders before you know it. For a good example of doing this technique I highly recommend a visit to the YouTube page of the one and only Silvarret. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve even seen people use them to “skin” existing scenery pieces in the game, like plating on the sci-fi pieces. Having a focus can really help you when it comes to getting more people in your park due to the way advertising works.